About me

“Hi! I’m Neej an industrial design graduate with a years experience within the print and design agency. I left that job to move to London just at the back end of 2013. To get me started i took up a recruitment job as it gave me enough money to help live here in the city. I used to get calls from the so called recruitment consultants almost every other week before i moved down to london. I had very little idea of what they did and how they got my details… Anyways so I found out and thought a good route to get me close to the city. So its coming to a year since I have moved down to the city, still in recruitment. What have I achieved? I have helped people move from one job to another. What have a I learnt? I have learnt to listen and hear people better, observe people, question people, ability to build a rapport, be persuasive, understand people wants and needs, talk to all level of seniority and more. Where is my passion? is it money NO! is it recruitment HELL NO!… so then? …

Well i have passion for experience, experiences that makes people happy, experiences that makes people want to do again and again, experience that people feel they can do, experiences that work. I have heard UX everywhere and i have looked into it. I have watched many seminars/conferences, looked at case studies and I have started to understand it better. So my simple understanding is that you cannot design user experience but design for it. This can be a simple shopping experience at your local supermarket or even online shopping, it could be your use of your car, your visit at a restaurant, point it everything you do is an experience. It may a great experience or even the worse experience ever but it can be neutral in which can you are neither ecstatic about it or disappointed by it, just satisfied. My interest in this field has grown significantly over the past 6 months and I  have soaked up as much as my time allowed me. I read UX principals and methods on my commute in the morning and on my way home. I observe how people do things go about doing things like using the London tube system, coffee shops, pretty much everything and everywhere.

My focus is on how people interact with objects, products, technology. What frustrates the user, what difficulties the user has, how they use it etc. Anyways I have no to very little background experience in web design, mobile app design, but i have now started networking individuals who may be able to mentor me, guide me potentially towards the first step into a career within UX.